Why I Did The Big Chop/ natural hair journey And How It Helped Me .

The big chop made me appreciate my femininity, sexuality, and beauty as a woman...


For many years I hid my hair because all the attention it would cause. I wanted to avoid people making comments about it. I was also brainwashed to believe my hair wasn’t “professional“  or “didn’t look clean“ in its natural state. It wasn’t until 7th grade, when I was 12 years old that I began to embrace my curly hair and started wearing it out. Except that this time, I wasn’t sure how to maintain it healthy; I would bleach it and put heat on it regularly, without even deep conditioning it or tending to it. *Damaging my hair left me with one option, and that was to really start fresh and learn about what works for my hair.. a.k.a THE BIG CHOP! 


    Doing big chop isn’t as simple as it seems though. It was a huge step for me, one that took a lot of discipline and dedication towards what I wanted, but at the end I knew it would cause growth ( no pun intended ).  During that same time, I just started a new job. Coming in to work with a full set of hair one day ( straight ) to a full haircut ( curly ) the next was such a big deal at the time. If I could do this, I felt like I could do anything ! It gave me courage in all aspects of my life. I now had this vision for myself. I wanted my naturally curly hair flourished, growing and taken cared of but I realized just as much that I wanted my body internally and physically to match. If my hair was going to be healthy .. so was I!


Shortly after, I began to dedicate myself to the gym. So when I say I love and appreciate the big chop, and natural hair journey it’s much deeper than a haircut/ hair. Forcing that courage out of me helped build my confidence. Through this process, I was able to really appreciate my physical, embracing features I hid under my hair. It made me feel good knowing my hair didn’t define my beauty. I also began to appreciate my sexuality and the female body, even more,   embodying everything we are as women. I’m thankful for my natural Afro latina hair, and I’m grateful for the process that taught me how to properly take care of me in order to flourish into my best self .

Thank god for the big chop!

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