Hair routine !

Every Monday and, or Friday I like to deep condition and style my hair for the week/ weekend. It's important to add this step to your routine because it helps replace moisture lost from everyday wear and tear. Without moisture, your hair becomes dry and brittle this makes it more prone to breakage. This step also improves texture improving your hair's health overall.

These are the steps I follow to achieve and Maintain healthy curls 🙌🏻✨.

✨ I used @cantubeauty deep conditioner with @anunaturals hair growth oil ( while waiting I also like to apply my face mask #multimasking )
✨I washed my hair out with @mielleorganics detangling co-wash and hydrating conditioner
✨ I used @sheamoisture leave in conditioner
✨then styled my hair using @mielleorganics styling gel over the leave in conditioner 


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