Why the feminine health care industry is harmful rather than helpful (& ways you can improve your Ph naturally)

I am not a doctor nor am I a specialist in holistic healing, but I am a (WOMB)an, and I am an advocate in Holistic Health, Healing, and Natural Remedies. We can’t talk about all things health and not include one of the most underlooked but important topics, the Feminine health/care industry. With the knowledge I’ve gained and continue to learn as I further my research, my whole perspective and way of living has changed. With this new profound knowledge, I've felt guided to send a channeled message for all women to tune into...


Disclaimer: I made this Blog/ post not to bash anyone or any brands but to bring awareness to women worldwide!


The feminine care industry encourages us to clean or treat the feminine area through their marketing. We're told this is NECESSARY for proper hygiene and of course, since this is the only information publicly available to us, we tend to believe it. Marketing industries promoting this as “GOOD“ health or they'll say things like their product increases “sex appeal“.

But when really taking the time to read the ingredients and what these products contain, I assure you these chemicals are harmful and actually may potentially pose a threat to your health. Providing you with unnecessary hazardous ingredients, fragrances, chemicals, parabens, etc...



While the market promotes this, the basic knowledge is that the vagina is a self-cleansing organ all on its own. So why are we adding unnecessary chemicals? These chemicals strip you from your natural PH (which should ideally be 3.8-4.5).  This results in increased chances of infection, dryness, vulva skin irritation, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, or even worse; cervical or breast cancer. All the things you believe you preventing using these products! So we have to let our girls do their job. If you feel you NEED these products due to odor, unusual discharge, etc..  or just feel this keeps you most cleansed, then you are masking the problem rather then fixing it. It's like throwing perfume on after the gym. Women are often embarrassed or don’t speak on this; hence the reason we are lost and uniformed about our own bodies.


But really anything can throw your PH off from the underwear,  food, condoms, sex, clothes detergent, etc... 


So just like any hair or face routine, your vagina needs one too. Some things you can include in your routine ...


  • Transitioning to a mainly plant-based diet. If you can’t do this, then try eating less processed meats, foods, dairy, sugar, etc..


  • Exercise regularly or stay active


  • Use all-natural and organic panty liners, pads, tampons, detergents 


  • Use an oil-based cleanser if you want to improve or add a fresh sent


  • Use proper protection


  • Use probiotics regularly


  • Yoni steaming


  • Get regular check-ups


  • Let it breathe and do its own thing!

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