Full Body Blast (At Home Guide)

Full Body Blast (At Home Guide)

Fit Girl Glam with Dalis Paige

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  • 4 week AT HOME program consisting of hand-picked workouts that are guaranteed to show great results and/or contribute to your progress
  • Targets full body with a slight emphasis on lower body
  • 4-day workout split with 1-hour instruction
  • Videos of me demonstrating each workout with form explanation and tips
  • Nutritional advice
  • The importance of stretching - comes with a free stretch guide
  • Consist of supersets and circuits for quick, optimal progress right from home
  • Made for all experience levels
  • Access to my personal email for 24-7 one on one support.


- Equipment needed for this guide (cheaper than a gym membership): 

    • Resistance bands
    • Kettlebell
    • Dumbbells
    • Mat