About Me

Let's work towards being the best YOU!


But first i’d like to introduce myself... If you don’t already know, my name is Idalis (Dalis) Paige Rodriguez.

Currently, I’m a online fitness trainer and college student majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. This is how my journey started...

Whether it was researching or trying out new skin care, hair care, or body care products -Health and Beauty has always been my thing - even my mother calls me a Product Junkie/Hoarder! Being so into maintenance and self care, I wanted to get into fitness but always felt intimidated, uniformed and didn’t feel I had the courage to be consistent and follow through.

Fast forward to today, by doing my own research, listening to my mentors advice, and finding the courage and dedication, I was able to surpass my limits. Even when I doubted myself, this lifestyle has really opened my eyes to become a more positive, conscious and optimistic person. It also really changed my perspective, giving me the courage and desire to help others!

At first, fitness for me was just for my health, I wanted to look and feel good physically and mentally! But as I soon as I started posting my progress on social media, a lot of people began to see that I was just like them and that I was able to manifest my goal. Many people began to ask for my assistance and I realized how happy this made me. It gave me a greater sense of purpose and joy. My passion is to help and inspire people just by the things I enjoy doing in my everyday life.

Getting deeply involved with fitness caused me to change majors from psychology to Nutrition and Dietetics, in order to learn not only about the aesthetic part, but your overall health, so I can optimize the assistance I can offer.

Although my focus is fitness,  my guide is not called Fit Girl Glam for no reason! Everything health and beauty can be found here. I am on my big chop Healthy hair journey, so along the way I will be sharing my hair journey with you; showing different hair care products I use and can recommend!

I will also be sharing with you my favorite skin care products, along with my favorite makeup looks. (Get ready with me!!)

I am thorough with my due diligence. I invest and experiment in beauty, health, and fitness so I will be able to provide you with very resourceful information. As I learn, so will you! 

My beginners workout guide (gym based) is now available for purchase here


*Stay tuned for all my other workout programs, meal guides, giveaways and blog post!*